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"These Times"
everything's equilibriumizing  
new things on the horizon

 new stars arisin' 
for a while there's been sh_t pilin up now everywhere  
 things are quick livenin' up 
beginnin to get riled up 

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 (Wilson State Park
near Route 28 Catskills NY)

Costa Rica has no military ...it

 was abandoned in about 1950.


military action against 'em

infractions against 'em

taxes in fact we spent 'em  

and it happened without relentin'

i don't wanna spend my life's 


debatin' or slayin'

I'd rather be playin' 


this country's wonderfully funky
bitchy junky richly spunky smooth N clunky
luvvy dubby N f__kin scrubby at the same time 

we think wer smarty well maybe partly we are but I'm sorry
it seems still it'll only get us so far if we forget to learn who we

really are or value the dudes though far away 

who may party more hardily 

all day on small pay 

working N living
wondering why all the sudden lately sh_ts twistin N quickly thumping 
skys thundrin N fires running rampant 

we've got no power to dampen them or stand up against them 

it's because we're mad blind and we cant find why we can't plan 

N be damn high in the sky 

I have  so-called freedom from time to time 

livin it up like a liberache 

though still seemingly generally tending to be boxy 

pretending like I'm sly N foxy running errands 

ambitious to wait in line wondering wuts comin at the same time 

so I read the main lines of the very striking literature I find

while I'm standin there

actually freedom's sacrificed by the macro vice 
that impacts our life.. 
makes us think we gotta do all the sh_t that's quite "usual" trite cute N just right
but who's the fool and who's the cool dude who came up with new food for thought
then entered into the school books the teachers taught ? 
Excuse, but it was almost always some "wacked" guy 
nobody could handle even though they had to try 
radically revolutious folks

how about Einstein, that fine mind called a bad kid 
when he gave his teacher a hard time for being such a hard nose 
don't step on my toes cold bro hard liner

but Einstein his hair he didn't care and he'd wear whatever 
he just needed to find time to try to define time 
and everything else for that matter 

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