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  A b o v e :    a COCKATIEL * -





if I can find it in nature
Its divine and

in fine stature 


I can just inspect one thing, 
 and each time expect one thing, 

'll think it's really something 

cuz even each is made of a friggin incredible kinetic energetical  miracle 

electrons spinnin in spiracle clouds;
orbitin' around in exorbitant amounts
[above: by RobbyG]


More pictures of animals

N O M E N C L A T U R E- -

:  classifications and latin names for every living  creature
      ask a teacher
 to list the taxonomy would take too many rhymes 
for me to waste my time and space for
personally I don't feel the need to know 
every phylum family genus and species of
every tree-frog, bee, hog, seahawk or deer
walking in my backyard 
when's the last time 
a friend of mine said
let's go find a 
porcupinus kindus spinus,      
a salamanderatta spotta    
or bangin'  shaggy baggy hanging orangutangapangalanga   ?

-  never  - 

aright then

   wherever I saw it,  whatever I call it,
 if ever I gotta, wanna  or  need to       

 I'll generally recall it




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